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Taking your yoga practice off the mat

23 Mar

Excellent blog post about how yoga helped Brianna handle adversity when her car window was smashed in this morning.

The best things in life


Monday morning in San Francisco, can be a bit grueling. Most people seem to be rushing and there is little time for an exchange of smiles. Before I had to go move my vehicle for street sweeping purposes, I decided to grab a delicious latte from the coffee shop, to add a bit of sweetness to my day. With my beverage in hand I crossed the street and headed towards my car. As I got a bit closer I noticed that someone had smashed in my rear window, and glass was shattered everywhere! A bit of a damper for Monday. As I  examined my car closer, I noticed that not much was missing, if anything at all. I began to feel a wave of gratitude and compassion wash over me. My brain then thought of the tormented soul that committed this act. May they find guidance and peace in their…

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