How a Brownie Improved My Customer Experience

26 Feb


The aroma hit me as soon as I opened the door….the unmistakable smell of freshly baked brownies.   As I stood in line to place my lunch order, I noticed the basket of brownies next to the cash register. 

As I waited to order, the battle between my head (you don’t need a brownie for lunch) and my stomach (you can’t resist a brownie for lunch) was raging.  After changing my mind several times, my head finally convinced me that I didn’t need a brownie….or so I thought.

I placed my order while doing my best not to make eye contact with the basket of fresh brownies.  However, after I placed my order, the owner said:

“Please take a FREE brownie.  I’m training a new team member how to cut heart-shaped brownies.   The shape of these brownies is not quite up to our quality standards, but they are delicious none-the-less.  I hope you enjoy, and thank you for your business.”

My head didn’t stand a chance of convincing me not to take the free brownie.  I not only accepted the free brownie (and finished it in about 7 seconds), but also told my friends about the free brownies and the awesome customer experience. 

Can you think of a way to surprise your customers? Be different.  Be genuine. Be unique.  I guarantee it will pay off.

Good luck!

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