One Question That Will Increase Customer Spending

14 Feb


After having too much fun the night before, I decided to walk a few blocks to get breakfast. I placed my to-go order: bacon, egg, and cheese on sourdough bread. I wanted to eat at home so I could make my own coffee and watch college basketball. After I placed my order, the nice lady behind the counter asked, “Would you like to add an orange juice to your order? It’s freshly squeezed.” 

Sold. How could I say no to freshly squeezed orange juice? The large orange juice added an additional $2.50 to my transaction. The simple question increased the transaction size for the restaurant. This strategy is also employed by McDonald’s: “Would you like fries with that?”

One simple question. I wasn’t the only customer to add the freshly squeezed orange juice; the customer behind me upgraded his order when the same question was asked. I wonder how many of their customers decided to add an orange juice? That’s $$$ in the bank!

Do you have a product or service you can cross-sell to your current customers? Train your staff to cross-sell and up-sell; make it a required part of the sales/transaction process,  and watch your sales magically soar!

Good luck!

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