Is Your Holiday Marketing Campaign Effective?

3 Feb

Is Your Holiday Ad Campaign Hitting the Mark?

It’s time for the onslaught of Valentine’s Day advertisements aimed at men. The message of these ads: you’re a bad boyfriend/husband/partner if you don’t buy jewelry for your special someone. So far, I’ve noticed five different companies-from local jewelers to national jewelers-trying to lure men to their respective store. But are these ads effective? I could focus on the content of the ad, or the lack of differentiation, or the lack of a reason to buy, but I want to focus on is the timing of the message. 

Almost every business focuses its marketing strategy and advertising dollars around certain holidays. Just think about how many stores have deals on Black Friday. Most large stores have holiday deals at the same time–Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, Memorial Day, etc. So how in the world can your marketing stand out as a small business?

Simple. Why not connect with prospects and customers during holidays that don’t get as much recognition?  How many businesses actually market during National Boss Day? You could run a clever campaign aimed at the boss in your target markets’ life (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, pets etc.) promoting your products and services. I’m sure you can think of other holidays (St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day) to promote your products and services. Your campaign will have a better chance at success because it’s not competing against everyone else during the most popular holidays.  Stand out. Be different. Think creatively when determining how you’re going to spend YOUR money.

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